My name is Thomas Ponnet. I’m a Senior Test Manager who worked and lived in Germany, Scotland and Gibraltar (so far, I may have another country or two in me). I’m currently based in Wuppertal, Germany. If you want to talk software testing or critical thinking drop me a line here or on Twitter @ThomasPonnet


“Omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis” – ‘All things change and we change with them’ or ‘Everything changes and we change with it’ are two translation of this latin phrase. When I first read it in the Marvel comic 1602 it resonated deeply with me. This phrase also reflects the ever changing world that is software development including testing.


I took the Rapid Software Testing Course with Michael Bolton in 2006 which changed my view of Software Testing overnight. The following week I went back to work and started implementing changes and I’m not looking back. Since then I’m continually learning and having fun while doing so! That could be through discussions on Twitter, forums, reading books or taking part in the WTEU/EWT weekend testing sessions. If you want to talk software testing, critical thinking or something else interesting drop me a line here or on Twitter @ThomasPonnet or we can have a chat on Skype.

Outside Testing:

When I’m not learning, planning, mentoring or coaching others in how to dissect a software product or software development processes I enjoy time with the family. Also cycling, sports climbing (until my arms feel like orangutans), percussion (Djembe, Conga, most things with fur or leather on) and music in general.

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