I test, therefore I am

A couple of days ago I had a thought going “While testing, I’m not just testing the software under test. What else am I testing?”


It quickly became clear to me that it’s not only things within the box but also thoughts and ideas that we test. So I started the following list, the reason behind it being that if I’m aware of something I can focus on it and test it. I may think of additional heuristics that may help me test this particular part and find risks, bugs, issues and information.

What do we test? 

  • The application
  • The operating system, anti-virus and other unrelated software running in the background
  • (Test) environments and infrastructure
  • Ourselves, our
    • Models, thoughts and ideas
    • Capabilities
    • Skills
    • Knowledge
    • Oracles
    • Biases
    • Feelings
    • Assumptions (thanks to Thanh Huynh)
  • Needs – Testers vs Customers vs Business (thanks to Dan Billing)
  • Our processes
  • Our document structure, content and formatting
  • Our peers, test partner or debrief partner
  • Relationships with
    • Software and hardware
    • Project and non-project colleagues
    • Customers

If you can think of anything else, please add a comment and I’ll add it to the list!



3 thoughts on “I test, therefore I am

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