The first post – an explanation

A few people may remember my site over at Googles Blogger. Unfortunately I ran afoul of Googles security processes as they were thinking someone is hacking the account when I was logging in using an IP Spoofer, Cyberghost, making my location Amsterdam instead of my home town in Germany. Long story short, even though I have my username and password Google support is denying access to the account and it’s lost to me. Needless to say I’m not happy, I’ll likely write a blog about details of this fubar in the near future and Google’s horrendous support practices. If you’re still on Blogger I’d urge you to rethink your choice, move somewhere else and just leave a redirect in place.

This site is a continuation of the old Blogger site. If you have any comments for any of the old posts, please leave them here.

One thought on “The first post – an explanation

  1. Hey Thomas,

    Good to see you back on the interwebs, sorry to hear about your Blogger account – it sounds like the balance between security & common sense may have been compromised…

    I’m looking forward to following your posts again & some further challenging (but appreciated) conversations!



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